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dreadlocks -- if you've been around long enough, you might remember my dreadlock fiasco almost a year ago. where i had been wanting dreads for three years, sat in on a friend getting her hair dreaded, got reallyreallyexcited, decided to dread my own hair, hated it, took all of them out, and then chopped all my hair off? yeah, that one. well, my parents are moving to seattle in july. seattle is three hours away from portland, where resides the dread goddess stephanie at akemi salon. i've always dreamed of having my dreads done by her. i would feel totally secure knowing my hair was in her skilled hands. now this dream that i thought would never come true is actually completely doable! it wouldn't be for another year, since i can't travel in my third trimester and i wouldn't want to take a brand-new baby on an air plane, but that will give me time to play with my hair and grow it out to a good length to be dreaded. reallyreallyexcited.

the tiny caterpillar -- we didn't have a name for river when i was pregnant with him, like peanut or bean. but john has dubbed this baby caterpillar. this pregnancy is going so well. i wrote the last post in the throws of morning sickness, but lately i have feeling so great, with just mild nausea. some days are still worse than others, but i do rely on protein to help me feel better. i have started writing a pregnancy journal where i will mostly write about the stats of this pregnancy, and i will keep most of my thoughts about the pregnancy for this blog. i started the blog with river and am continuing it, and it's interesting to go back and read old posts and compare how i felt week by week. here's the link, if you are interested in following along these remaining eight months! www.fillingoutnicely.blogspot.com

3 more weeks -- i've been in pennsylvania for three weeks, and i have three weeks to go. this is the longest i've ever been away from any home. i spend most of my time in my parents' finished basement, since that is where we sleep and there is less for river to get into than anywhere else in the house. the weather goes from snowy to rainy. i have been wearing the same five outfits for three weeks now and i would give anything to slip on a pair of shorts, a tank top and flip flops! i miss my husband, my warm weather, my clothes, my plants, my windows, my bed, my books, my gilmore girls DVDs, my stupid dog, my crappy couch. i want to play outside in the sprinklers with river! i want to go on walks around the neighborhood in the nice weather! i want to hang outside on the patio at starbucks with john while drinking a green tea lemonade and reading a book! i never thought i'd say this but... i miss san antonio. :)

our house -- the tiling is finally complete. all that has to be done now are the baseboards. i wish i could post pictures of the house but i don't have any of my files accessible! (obviously, since they are all at home, and i am not.) as soon as we get home i am taking shots of every room in the house. i love house tours on blogs! might as well join in. :) i am still in love with where we live and can see us living there for the next few years. it is the perfect space for us. i am in love with our big back yard, as is river, and he enjoys playing outside daily. now that the weather is nice, i have plans for when we return to texas! i can't wait to get him a kiddie pool and a sprinkler. this child could play outside all day! side note: if i'm correct, most kiddie pools are made out of PVC -- anyone know an alternative?

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