H A P P Y   2 0 1 1 !
glimpses from the past year.
how my teeny baby has grown into a little toddler.

last year i made some resolutions that i kept. 
okay, i only kept one, but that's saying more than every other year.

my 2010 resolutions were as follows:
take a lot more pictures.
draw a face a week.
read thirty books.
start running.

and i completed the following:
took a lot more pictures.
started, but did not complete, one face.
read nine books.
ran twice.

i am so excited for this year in particular, for a few reasons:
1. we just moved to a house with one yard, one bedroom, one living room, and one washer more than what our apartment had.
2. now that i have said washer, i no longer need to take two-hour, thrice-weekly, $54-monthly trips to the laundromat.
3. i was able to complete one resolution, which means deep, deep, deep down, i have the ability to complete all. i will try much harder this year, and be just as unrealistic as last year, choosing all completely doable yet totally fail-able resolutions that only i could possibly break.

and my new year's resolutions for this year are below:
1. resist the urge to put anything sweet that is within thirty feet of me in my mouth. develop some serious self-control in this area, because it is seriously lacking. (in short, cut back on sugar.) part of this resolution is to give up soft drinks completely for the entirety of this year, with the exception of one very large dr. pepper on my birthday. because birthdays are special.
2. be generally more crafty. sew river some pants, shirts. draw at least once a month. decorate my new home.
3. be waa-haaaay more organized. i'm talking stepford wives organized. (i have to make it a really lofty goal so that my extreme failure is actually pretty impressive, for me anyway. i'll make a hot dinner every night and actually wash laundry when it needs to be done, and think myself a regular june cleaver, even though clean laundry will pile up on my bed and my hot dinners will be hot pockets.) a big part of this will be putting river on a routine. my poor hippie wild-child needs it.
4. read more. not a number, but a lot more than last year. read all the time. to myself, to river. just read.


  1. Whitney, I always love to read your blog. I think your New Year resolutions are def. accomplishable. I think 2011 is going to be a BIG adventure and what better goals to look forward to. The decorating part I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to help you with. :) give River kissies from me. <3



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