the opening of gifts!

the first thing river saw was this melissa and doug play kitchen my parents got him. though, this present was not merely opened. john spent two and a half hours putting it together on christmas eve after river went to bed. i quite conveniently became very sleepy and had to go to bed myself. all this tedious work was worth it though (or perhaps you should ask john). this thing will last him for years!

yes, we gave our child a (very dull) pocket knife to cut open his present. in my defense, inuit children were given knives to cut whale blubber. same thing, right?

this boy loves MUSIC! thank goodness. i don't know what i'd do if he didn't. ;) 

a very intense jam session with daddy.

after he opened two other musical toys from family members, he set them out and turned each on, and then began playing his little triangle. already putting together an awesome rock band. totally melted my heart.

he was very excited about this super-huge dog some friends gave him. he yelled, "RUFF! RUFF!" sort of like, "whoa, guys. this is one big ruff-ruff."

by this time, he was a pro. i got this, mom.
after we opened gifts, river stole a chocolate from john. as in just walked up and picked one out of the box and popped a bite in his mouth, as if he eats chocolates all the time. it's funny how kids just know what sweets are. he walked off saying, "yum num num" and flashed a quick grin for a picture. silly boy.

we had a sweet christmas. it was simple and chill (and merry and bright), and river played with his new toys for hours. i hope every one of you had a very merry christmas!


  1. River is so adorable playing with his new toys. The music box is a great gift!

    On another note... I have a few cloth diaper questions

    Recently I haven't been doing laundry as often and I am hard time getting stains out.... Do you have any suggestions? Currently I use rocking green detergent which is ok.

    Also what kind of night system do you use? Right now two extra doublers work for my 5 month old but I feel like it might not be enough when she is older. Have you ever used wool or fleece soaker shorts (or pants) for night time? If so how do they hold up?

  2. I didn't see this post before now. What great pictures, and I loved reading the running commentary, LOL! Almost felt like I was there :) What a precious Christmas you and John had with River. Christmas is so much fun with little ones.

    I can't believe we hardly got any pictures while you were here. It was as if we were having so much fun, we forgot to get the camera out!!!



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