incomplete thoughts on television and christmas

i am so excited for christmas. this christmas will be a very simple one. i wasn't even sure if we'd have a christmas tree until a friend of mine said her boyfriend's parents were getting rid of theirs -- score! we are closer to being officially moved into our house. there is so much change going on that it making the holidays even more scrumptious. i cannot wait until the tiling is done on the house so that we can begin the process of unpacking and making the house our new home. i cannot wait to settle down and start baking and decorating and making christmassy crafts. the christmas spirit snatched me early this year. i was listening to christmas music before halloween had even taken place. i normally do not allow christmas music to reach my ears until after thanksgiving, but this year i didn't fight it. i was singing white christmas while getting river dressed in his pumpkin costume for trick-or-treating. ;)
god is really taking care of us. i have no idea how we've been able to float on these last few months. it's been tough. we've been late paying bills for the first time in my bill-paying years (being a grown-up is hard!), and my spoiled self was discouraged because i didn't even know if we'd have a tree to decorate. but we are surrounded by family who is amazing and people who love us, and i am holding onto the fact that this is just a desert season for us. things will get better. they will.

speaking of that, just a side note here. i was hanging nearly our entire diaper collection on the line the other day (because i didn't wash diapers for like, five days. gross. i know.) and i was counting all the diapers we've actually had to pay money for, and all the diapers that have been given to us or that we've traded for, or that we've won, and man -- god has really blessed us in the diaper department. yes, we pay about $16 on washing the diapers at the laundromat every month, but other than that, we have spent less than $100 on diapers for river and i can't imagine the money we would have spent if we were using disposables. i am thankful for this simple, simple way of spending less and wasting less.

so anyway, until we can move into our house, we have been staying at our dear friends ben and erin's home. i think we are going on five days here. they have been so generous and kind to put up with us for so long. and i don't want to say any names, but a particular teething 16-month-old has not been the happiest, easiest house guest. it is amazing what this kid finds to get into! if he's not taking ornaments off the tree, he's sticking his leg in the trash can or pulling on the window blinds or trying to ride the dog like a horse or stealing nearly-empty dr. pepper cans and victoriously waving them around wildly as i'm chasing him, causing dr. pepper to splash all over the carpet. sigh.

quite the most enjoyable thing about this week has been, i will admit, being able to relax in front of cable television. oh. man. i've just been watching HGTV every day. okay, maybe i watched twenty minutes of a lady gaga documentary last night. we haven't had a TV for a few months, and before that all we really watched anyway was netflix. but we got rid of netflix, too. so it is nice to chill out in front of the tube. i even thought for a moment that i would like to get cable someday, but then i thought about how nice it has been not being bombarded by ads in my home every day. i am happy river isn't attached to a cartoon character (not that i think anything is wrong with that. of course it's adorable when kids love a certain character. my sister would say "pooh bear" in her sleep when she was a baby. no joke.) and i like the idea of him growing up not being exposed to commercials telling him he needs this and that. last year i was watching HGTV (best channel ever) with my little sister, who was eight at the time, and she kept making comments throughout the show, "i want that. that's not fair. ugh, that's so cool! why can't we have a house like that! that's not fair!" and i didn't like it. i mean, i don't blame her. i want a house like that, too (haha) but that's when something as innocent as watching a design show can influence greed and a lack of appreciation for what we already have, which really leads to over-consumption, waste and selfishness.

last christmas was wonderful. everyone got a lot of stuff. but besides that, it was spent with family and we had good food and hello, SNOW! i'm truly happy this christmas will be a simple one. it will be our first christmas with just the three of us. we can start our own traditions. we've been talking about what church service we will go to (we love a lot of churches in this city :) and what we will do on christmas morning. i am encouraged this year to make do with what we have, and be creative and think of ways to "spread the cheer" without spending a lot of money. i love christmas. i love christmas shopping, i love watching people open gifts i've picked for them, i absolutely, shamelessly love the santa clause tradition, and i love the over-all cheer that christmas brings. it really is a magical time.
my family celebrates advent, and this is a tradition john and i have decided we will celebrate at home as well, starting next year. one more thing to point to the true "reason for the season." :)
 everyone loves the faces of the little ones on christmas morning!
the aftermath of christmas morning 2009. hehehe.


  1. About the churches in SA, oooops!

  2. we are thinking we will go to the oak hills service in the early evening, and top our christmas eve with a BRCC midnight service!

  3. aaand that was a post by whitney, not john.



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