one afternoon

he stepped out into the day, considered his options,
and decided on his path.
he walked,
he climbed.
and he wanted to play in the street, but mama wouldn't let him.
it was a devastating experience.
he quickly recovered.
he picked a dandelion,
destroyed a dandelion,
and picked another.

he wanted to join a man and his dog on their walk, 
but mama wouldn't let him do that, either.
so he went exploring instead,
and found some acorn caps, which were quite interesting.
he assumed if they were this interesting, perhaps they tasted good, as well, 
but mama wouldn't let him do that either. he let her know he was very upset about this.
but he was soon distracted, because the sun was quickly setting 
and there was just too much to do before bedtime.
so he ran and pretend-jumped (because he can't really jump yet) 
and shrieked and chased his mama, and all was happy again.
the end.


  1. Ha!!! That was great! You could totally make this whole little post into a children's book and sell it. :-D

  2. Adorable...

    I found your blog via youtube awhile ago when I was pregnant. (My daughter Kota was born 7-26-10.) I am thrilled to have found your blog! I have read a lot of it and have felt rather empowered by your writings and remain interested. Also I love all the beautiful photographs!

  3. mom, i actually have thought before of making river little books from shutterfly, with pictures from his day to day play and a litte story, but they are sooo over-priced! john knows how to bind books though, so maybe we'll make it a project. :)

    reeve, you don't know how sweet it was to receive your comment! thank you for your kind words!! i'm glad you've found my writings helpful, that is why i write... and that makes me entirely happy!



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