we are moving ... but not to pittsburgh! not yet, anyway. john and i both really feel that god is asking us to stay in san antonio a bit longer, most likely a few years. my parents are most likely moving to california this coming summer anyway, so maybe when they return to pittsburgh, that will be the time. the crazy part about this is that i'm okay with it. i'm seeing how he's working and i've prayed so much about it (i hadn't really prayed in a long time) that i feel so much peace about the situation and am finding that it is so much easier to trust him than i thought it would be. it was hard for me to accept at first. there were tears, and arguments, but i see his hand in things, and i like it. i like trusting him and allowing him to work in my life. it's like he's saying, "really? you do trust me? then i will do great things." i know you can't really hold god back, but ... he gives us free will, and in a way i feel i was willing him to sort of leave me alone and let me do what i wanted to do. not as far as moving to pittsburgh -- nothing wrong with wanting to do that. but now that i'm letting him in, he is showing me what he is capable of doing.

so anyhow, here is the game plan. our friends tj and samantha (whose baby is below... i had to tie these pictures in somehow!) proposed to us the idea of renting tj's dad's house together. yes, as in, two families living in the same house. crazy? probably. but sometimes you have to get crazy to save some money! so after looking at the house, which has three bedrooms, two living areas, a decent sized kitchen, and a big backyard with a nice, shady tree, we decided it was a go. we are going to do some work on the house, and in exchange, we don't have to pay a deposit and are getting two months free rent. sam and tj are moving in at a later time. i guess we'll all be one big happy family. the funny thing is, about a year ago john and i discussed asking them if they would want to live with us. we ended up never bringing up the idea to them, but that's just how things have been working lately -- god is showing us little coincidences here and there that ironically fit together in a strange, sweet way.

and more to come on that! and now, without further ado, meet river's new roommate (the little piglet in my halloween post). i just loved these pictures so much i had no clue which one to post! so i'm posting them all. she is such a cutie. just look at that sweet, perfect face and those big, beautiful eyes! *ohmygoodnessineedagirl*

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