halloween happy, part 1

just to warn you -- this is pretty much a "see how many pictures of my son dressed as a pumpkin i can fit on my blog" post.

when i was 18, my parents moved up to pennsylvania. i stayed behind because john and i were in love, but i missed my family terribly, especially little brother and sisters. halloween without them was so boring. what's the fun of halloween if you don't have a kid to dress-up or take trick-or-treating? now that we have river (and he's old enough to enjoy holidays, because i'm going to admit, last year he was pretty boring), we had so much fun this halloween! we started off by going to a pumpkin patch on saturday. i really, really, really wanted to take him to a farm, the kind with face-painting and a petting zoo and real tractor hay rides and local apple cider, but it wasn't in our budget to do so, so we opted for a little church pumpkin patch. river was thrilled to be surrounded by so many orange balls. i think he felt at home...

his costume cracked us up. we are re-using it from last year, when he was just over two months and it swallowed him. this year it fits just right, just a little big on the shoulders. i'm sure it will fit again next year, but uh... what's the fun in reusing a costume three years in a row?
his little green cloth diaper came in handy to complete the ensemble.
i wanted him to sit sweetly on the hay wall, but he just wanted to play with the pumpkins. so instead he threw a fit on the hay wall.
everything is a drum these days!
and he really did think they were orange balls. cutest thing ever.
i kept taking pictures of his little butt sticking up in the air whenever he'd fall because of the massive costume in his way. i couldn't resist.
lately, he gasps and says "ooohhh..." whenever he sees something he thinks looks interesting.
off to the hay maze.
clapping for the hay maze!
me and my sweet little pumpkin!
and who knew a bunch of corn could bring so much joy to a kid? he laid in it.
he threw it.
and i just about had a heart attack when he decided to taste-test it.

something john and i were talking about the other day: we had no idea before we had river how much joy we could get out of just watching river live, discover, play. it makes us so happy when he's having fun, and it makes us laugh when he does something weird. it is one of the greatest gifts on earth -- just watching your kid be.

up next: halloween night!

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