halloween happy, part 2

we spent halloween at our pastor's house with his family and a bunch of other friends. first we went trick-or-treating with their brood of monteverdi boys and sweet little girl. i was curious to see if river would catch onto the trick-or-treating pattern. we went through each step with him: knock on the door, hand them your bucket, say trick or treat! and thank you! and proceed to the next house. he got the knocking on the door part, but after that it kind of went downhill. they would open the door and he would take that as an invitation to come inside. and he was way more interested in the halloween decor on the lawns than he was in receiving candy. once he realized people were putting stuff in his bucket, he would often stop to reach inside and throw the candy on the floor or share it with us. he had no idea what it was -- for all he knew, they were little toys. (until he saw me eating a piece.) he finally caught on towards the end of our trick-or-treating adventure, but he still wanted to go inside every time someone opened their door. the whole thing was pretty stinkin' cute.

knocking on a garage door.
john and terri's sweet little girl was a garden gnome... SO cute!
the garden gnome's hat kept falling off. it is very important that a garden gnome always wears her hat.
giving me kisses with his silly turtle face. actually, no, he was just making his kissy face for the camera! what a ham!
we saw another little ham while trick-or-treating. her name is molly and she and river are betrothed.
we also saw a fairy princess.

after trick-or-treating we went back to the monteverdi's for some hang-out time with friends, and yummy eats like nachos and chocolate cake and lemonade. and halloween candy, of course. a little fire was lit and johnny broke out the marshmallows. i had like, five. the thrill of trying to roast the perfectly crispy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside, slightly-burnt marshmallow just never grows old, even if you're old. 

it was a very nice halloween. i felt like a kid -- i didn't want to go home! thanks john and terri for hosting a lovely halloween night. all three of us had an amazing time!

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