so here's something. 

the past few months have been very difficult, financially. without going into a lot of complaining and "woe is me"-ing, i'll just say that i've been worried about whether or not we'll "have" christmas this year. a christmas tree, decorations, gifts, baking -- they all cost money. the thought that our christmas this year may be like any other old day is a bit disheartening. 

i just read kelle's latest blog post, where she shares her "gray" in her week and her "color." she asks readers to share their gray, and their color, of the week. so i started sharing, and decided to go back and read what everyone is saying in their comments, their "grays" and "colors"... 

wow, it impacted me in a way i didn't expect. we (meaning...everyone) all go through difficult times, some bad, some not too bad, some disheartening, some tragic, some depressing, some disappointing, and reading everyone's gray really took the focus off of myself and my problems ... which is probably what i needed to do. 

if you're having a tough week, for whatever reason, go read the comments under kelle's latest blog. you'll leave with sort of a "we're all in this together" feeling.



  1. Fwiw - we haven't bought our children Christmas gifts since Michael's accident - as in no gift buying, not much for birthdays either. They get gifts from others and that's that and it really is very much ok! Re-read the Little house books for perspective :-)

    Take care!

  2. thanks sabine. :) i told john christmas traditions are more important to me than christmas gifts. i think the over-all stress is just not knowing what tomorrow holds, as in are we going to be able to catch up with our bills, is john ever going to find a job, am i going to have to eat beans and rice for the rest of my life? haha. the realization of nothing special on christmas day was just a low point. it kinda symbolized everything going on right now. but i know i shouldn't complain, we really are blessed.



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