you know what my favorite thing to do is? go to barnes and noble after river has fallen asleep and spend a couple hours reading and listening to the quiet and enjoying a time when i can pretend i have zero responsibilities and nothing to do and drink coffee and dream of all the books i would buy and read if a) i had the money b) i had the motivation and c) i had the time.

on another note, i have missed blogging and figure i would return with a way-past-due post of photographs from a photo session we had a while ago. let me tell you -- this sun-drenched, warm and sticky, first-of-the-month photoshoot was the perfect way to begin my august.

fresh, raw and unedited, #1.

fresh, raw and unedited #2. not often, i tell you, that this happens!

i hope you enjoyed. i'll be back shortly with probably more pictures than words. 

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