a cornfield

while in new york, we took a walk to the cornfield.

i've always thought it would be nice 
to get lost in a cornfield. 
now that i've walked through one, 
it would most definitely 
not be nice to get lost in one. 
i didn't expect to feel so overwhelmed and small.
you can barely see the sky. 
there is no clear space, no where to stand 
where you aren't being brushed by plants. 
three rows in, and you can no longer see 
the edge of the field. 
what is in the cornfield 
is completely hidden.

next time i go, i may take a stool to stand on 
every once in a while to make sure the world still exists.

no updates yet, but john will be submitting his resume and a few recordings to the church in pittsburgh tomorrow, so please keep that in your prayers, if you think about it. i would love to move to beautiful northeast america and journey through more cornfields. :)

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