thoughts, and farmer's market

today is a difficult day for me, for some reason. now that john has submitted his resume, there is nothing more i can do but pray. it's so hard to just sit and wait. wait for how long? every time i think about it i get this whirlwind of butterflies in my stomach. i feel like calling the church and saying, "did you see his resume?! it looks nice huh... don't you wanna hire him? yeah?! don't you want to help us move to pennsylvania so i can be close to my mommy [insert tears] and have lunch with my little sisters and play outside with my son in the leaves [because it's almost autumn, it's almost autumn. but that pretty much means nothing in san antonio!] and dress cozy for winter and go for bike rides in the park and find a small, sweet house to settle my little family in and buy an ikea table? don't you?" 

but, that probably wouldn't be very productive or helpful. so instead, i'm editing endless photos of our time with my family in new york, and every time i think about, a little prayer for pennsylvania slips through my lips and i carry on, trying not to let it get to my emotions. trying. so, here are some more pictures. i think i still have at least two blogs to dedicate to new york photos. 

one afternoon while my sister was in class, josh, john and i, decided to drive around, stopping at whatever caught our eye - a music store, a pet store [yes, we are five years old] and a farmer's market. one thing about farmer's markets up there [this one, anyway]: much, much cheaper than the texas farmer's markets i've been to!

there's just something about locally grown tomatoes. i don't know what it is, but i love slicing a locally grown tomato for my sandwhich. have you ever done that before? you should try.

market pear!

magical market honey sticks! like pixie sticks, but better! i was probably way more excited about this than these guys.

this man said he's been doing this since the fifties. his dad left him his farm. and ten years ago, he could sell his entire harvest in a day, but now, with the economy, that never happens! he had an impressive selection of produce. and i want his shirt.

these strawberries made me think of one of my favorite books as a child, wait for it -- the little mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the hungry bear. whoo, what a title. the illustrations are perfect. you can practically taste it as the mouse slices a piece and strawberry drips everywhere. okay, just go find the book, i'm telling you.

man, look at these colors! they are gorgeous. real local grapes. yum yum yum. real, as opposed to shipped from thousands of miles away and grown with chemicals. we didn't buy any, but can't you just tell they are delicious? something i learned this past year that i didn't know before: organic fruits and veggies have way more nutrients and flavor than those grown with pesticides and other crap. sometimes, ten times [or more?! i don't know the numbers, i just know it's a lot!] the amount of vitamins and minerals. and the taste is extraordinary. last week, john and i bought some local organic apples, and i swear, they tasted like apple candy. they were so sweet. when we bought "regular" apples this week, you could taste the difference right away. conventionally grown produce is bland compared to the nature's produce that hasn't been messed with. it's how things are supposed to be!

as we were leaving, these guys said, "hey! we don't get any pictures over here?" everyone assumes when someone is taking pictures at an event with an SLR camera, they are working for a newspaper or something. ha, nope, just your every day stay-at-home-mom who writes a blog. ;) but i did end up snapping a photo of their peppers, because they were very colorful peppers.


  1. You take WONDERFUL photographs. I am also going to pray that you find a great city in the next few months and years. Matt and I also want to move to PA, as he is from Levittown (not too sure how far away that is from your house).

  2. I just started following your blog. I love your blog, it's awesome! Gorgeous pics! After reading thru some of your posts, I saw in "link within" a video. I actually watched your cloth diapering videos on youtube when I first started CD'ing my son.....small world! I hope that John gets the job in Pittsburgh. We live about 40-45 min from Pittsburgh. We live out in the rural country & it sure is beautiful around these parts, especially this time of year. :-)



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