these days

they have been full of family and yummy food and babies and pools and picnics and birthdays. 'nuff said.

john's grandmother's birthday party.

nursing outside a restaurant at la villita in down town san antonio.

river LOVES the water.

have i mentioned how much river loves the water?

my uncle jon and his son phillip.

my grandpa and his dog. they are very fond of one another.

river and his drippy summer snack.

river and my brother, andrew. he lights up whenever he sees his uncle andrew! too cute.

my mom's birthday party.

river at his birthday party with his smash cake.

river and my uncle's fiance, lyric, share the same birthday.

my precious little sisters - sky and emma. the best babysitters to have around!

river and my dad - his grandpouhpa. ha. :)

nana, sky, and andrew.

river has a lot to clap about.

opening a mountain of birthday gifts.

the girls and i on a walk to see one of san antonio's two "castles." it was pretty disappointing, but technically a castle, by the building structure, so on and so forth. 


  1. Hi! I found you on Top Mommy Blogs. I just had to tell you that River is adorable and your photography is beautiful :) Love it.



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