wearing your baby - say what?

if you are in the san antonio area, and you haven't already, you should check out the san antonio natural parenting group! we get together once a month to discuss topics like healthy eating, natural childbirth, and homeopathic remedies. this month we discussed baby wearing. everyone brought their wraps and slings, and diane, the owner of go baby go and leader of the SANP group, helped trouble-shoot issues and showed how to properly wear a baby. i was so excited about this meeting for two reasons: one, river and i never got the hang of baby wearing, and i was interested to see the different options up close and personal, and two, we were hosting!

i love having people over, and i don't think we've had so many children in our apartment at once - our living room looked like this within minutes:

i loved it!

river and ricky eating banana bread - ricky's first real solid food, besides an avocado that he mainly smeared all over himself, according to his mama.

a few of the kiddos playing. one of my favorite parts about the afternoon? all the babies were wearing cloth! i love getting together with fellow cloth diapering mamas!

comparing pouch slings. aren't they cute? i love the red print.

diane showing katie how wearing it around her shoulder is easier on the back. so many tricks when it comes to baby wearing!

diane showing how to wear a mei tei in a front carry...
the bottom is tied at the waste...
the top straps are criss-crossed in the back and tied in the front at penny's back.

and a back carry...
the bottom is tied in the front...
the top straps are placed over the shoulders...
criss-crossed in the back, and come around and are tied in the front. penny's not going anywhere!

it looked complicated, but i tried it out with river in a back carry, and it was pretty simple. i imagine the more you do it, the easier it gets. i loved the mei tie... i may have to get one for our next child. or make one! now! :) baby wearing is an aspect of attachment parenting, and this is a big reason i want to get into it the next time around. there are a few reasons i feel that baby wearing will work great for us:

wearing your newborn simulates the womb. a newborn has been moving around in a tight space nearly non-stop for nine months, and being born into a still, wide-open world is strange and uncomfortable. when a baby is being worn, they are warm, secure, and moving around more than if they were lying down. they can smell mama [or daddy] and can hear her voice. a newborn in a womb-like setting is a happy newborn. for more on keeping newborns happy and simulating the womb, check out happiest baby on the block - seriously magic for all new parents. uh-ma-zing. 

when the baby gets older, they can learn a lot from being worn, rather than being low on the ground. although i don't wear river very often, when i do, he soaks up everything. he loves to watch me do every-day things, like cook or vacuum. he is much happier being carried than being down on the ground, and this is an easy way to do it. using slings and wraps is a great alternative to using a stroller - the baby is able to see you and the world at a better view, rather than sitting in a stroller, facing away from you. if they get scared or are unsettled, they can quickly turn to you for comfort.

baby-wearing is becoming trendier in the western culture, but it's actually an ancient way of caring for an infant. not only is it a way to keep your baby content and happy, it will also help parents learn their babies' cues and develop a strong, healthy attachment. to read more about baby wearing, visit askdrsears.com


  1. that's funny, i seriously did a post last night about a stack of mei tais i made. i scheduled it to go up at 2 today, i think. i used the pattern and directions from hobo mama's blog and it was so so easy! i can't wait to snuggle up in them. the only baby wearing we did with our first was in a snugli carrier (which we actually used a good bit) but i'm really excited to try out different varieties and i'm going to learn to breastfeed a baby in a carrier if it kills me!

  2. I wore Aria a lot when she was tiny. We bought a Moby wrap when she was a month or two old, and I loved that thing. I never got into wearing it around the house much, although I tried (doing things while wearing a baby is much easier said than done!) BUT she never went into a store, restaurant, park wherever in her carrier (unless she was sound asleep). Instead I ALWAYS wore her in the Moby (the same now, except she goes in the Ergo!)

  3. this group sounds fun! would a disposable diaperer make it awkward? maybe i could disguise ezra's diposable diaper...i could borrow one of river's covers..:)

  4. kim, no way, a disposable wouldn't make it awkward! you should totally come, i think you would really enjoy it! it's a fun group of people :) but you can totally borrow a cover to disguise ez's dipe ;D lol!

    kayla, what's your favorite carrier/sling/wrap?

    missy, what a coincidence! i'm going to head over to your blog now, i really want to make myself a mei tei!

  5. what a special group you have! You are very lucky.
    In my first five years of parenting, I was very alone. I did not have any other natural parenting friends and it was hard doing it without support. Now I have more than I can manage, and I am so grateful for that. Love the pictures :) Those chubby baby rolls are the best.



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