soakers by jess!

my friend jessica made some adorable fleece soakers for river a few weeks ago...

isn't it so freaking cute? the other is a bit small, so we'll be keeping it for our future babies.

i'm so used to river being in PUL [polyurethane laminate] covers, and when he woke up in the middle of the night to nurse, it was a pleasant surprise to instead feel the super soft fleece on his little bum.

don't get me wrong, i love our PUL covers; but there are a few things i also love about these soakers. i didn't know how soakers would work until jessica made me a few, and i love them! the wetness doesn't get absorbed into the fleece, it just sort of lies on top, and stays near the prefold. they can be used over and over throughout the day, just like a PUL cover. there are no snaps or velcro; you just slip them on like little bloomers. and no elastic means no red marks on those precious chunky thighs! i like that they are soft, i like that they are affordable, and i like that they are more versatile because they look more like little pants than other diaper covers. we even used them overnight, and guess what? no leaks, no wetness except where it's supposed to be -- in the diaper.

if you want to snag yourself a couple of these adorable soakers, click on over to jessica's blog and let her know!

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