sleep routine: night 1

at 9:40, i gave river a bath and let him play a bit. bubbles were introduced for the first time, and he was amazed. after the bath, we went to our room and turned on his blue-bulbed lamp while i got him dressed for bed and read a night-time story. when i was finished reading the book,  i let him play around with it a bit while he sat on my lap, until he asked to nurse. he fell asleep within 10 minutes, right at 10:00 pm.

at 1:30, he still had not woken up [very rarely does he sleep longer than two hours at a stretch], so my crazy-mom alarm went off and i went in to check on him. he was fine, of course, but i accidentally woke him up when i tried to cover his legs with a blanket. i nursed him for about 5 minutes and put him down, though he was a bit restless. about 15 minuets, he comes toddling into the living room, as he usually goes around this time. i went to bed and john held him for about thirty minutes before he came into the room saying river was almost asleep and then realized i wasn't there, and started looking for me. i was afraid he would be awake a long time, but he nursed to sleep in about thirty minutes [not a long time, compared to his habit of staying up for two hours in the middle of the night]. i'm not sure how many times we woke up in the night to nurse because we co-slept the entire night. it's always more often when we co-sleep -- i think it was four or five times.

we didn't wake up early this morning. i thought about it, but he's always still so sleepy at 7:30, and if i were to make him get up, he would be grumpy and clingy all morning until he decides to take a nap. so i let him sleep until 9:30, when he woke up on his own, happy and babbling in bed. i'm still not sure what to do in the mornings, because i would like to wake up earlier, and at the same time every day, but i don't know how he would nap if we woke up at 7:30. i know he would take an early nap, probably around 10:00 am, and a later nap. right now he only takes one long nap in the afternoon, but if he falls asleep any later than 3:00, he will be up all night. i guess we'll try waking up tomorrow at eight and see what happens.

wow -- who knew i could write three long paragraphs about something entirely dull?

- edit - i'll be updating river's new sleep routine on the left-hand side of the page. this way i'm not going into long details. ;)


  1. how are you going with your sleep routine? holy heck...thats quite a disturbing sleep pattern your son is in! YOu must be worn out. I have been in the same boat...I breastfeed attach parent co sleep etc...but there comes a time when you have to make a change and usually its not as bad as you think its going to be.

    Personally I would get him up by 7.00 every morning...let him have an early day nap and get him to bed by 7.00 at night. Kids his age need 12hrs sleep and he will sleep better. Once I stopped feeling guilty about trying to get him to bed earlier and just did it, I now hove all this extra time for me to do things that I want to do. You deserve this time. Try and get him to bed earlier...I say its over tiredness causing the probs.

  2. haha, thanks for the empathy! i've heard a lot of moms say they've gone through this but it's hard to talk about it when so many people suggest CIO. his patterns were crazy and rarely predictable. but a lot has changed and our nights are SO much better now. i don't even know if it's anything i've done. and yes i agree, i really do think it was over-tiredness. he fights sleep, and sometimes he still won't go to bed until after 10:00, which i know is too late. i actually just wrote an update on our nights, it will be posted in a couple days!



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