new butt fluff

who doesn't love baby clothes? i love browsing the aisles of stores looking at the adorable prints and fabrics, but i've never been one to actually buy baby clothes. not that i don't have an obsession with something else...

cloth. diapers.

i love cloth diapers.
i swoon over cloth diapers.
i visit store after online store looking at
all. the. cute. diapers.

and we recently received some new diapers and covers from go baby go, a local natural-parenting company that sells all sorts of goodies. they are cute cute cute and by the end of the day river had worn three covers, just because they are freaking adorable and i wanted to see all of them on his little butt. :) no clothes for you today, son. you will just run around naked in a totally cute diaper. no wonder disposable diaper companies see cloth diapers as a competitor! [among many other reasons ;D]

we have new bummis and some thirsties covers. while i like the bummis but don't love them, i do love the prints they come in, and now have all three that caught my eye when i first found them. as for the thirsties duo wraps, i all-around love them! and they have a few new, modern prints for both girls and boys.

trying to put it on his head like a hat. :)

my wild boy taking a zen moment.
so cute.

i've been wanting to try a different kind of prefold, besides the green mountain diaper cloth-eez prefolds i have [they are awesome]. we have some second-hand diapers but they are not good quality prefolds at all; i have to make sure i never put them on him at night time or even when we are out and about. so i definitely needed more than just one dozen good diapers. our new diapers from go baby go are chinese prefolds, and i've been wanting to try them out for a while because i've heard such great things. the first thing i noticed about the prefolds was how incredibly soft they were! even after the first use and they were washed and i put them out on the line to dry - they are still so soft. they are not as wide as softeez prefolds, which makes them less bulky, and the fabric has a bit more pull, so they are easier to pin on nice and snug.

and last but not least, we got ourselves a gro via waterproof, machine-washable wet bag.

i've been wanting one for a long time. i'll keep it in the diaper tub and when it's time to wash the dipes, just haul the bag [instead of the whole tub] to the laundromat, and into the wash it goes with the diapers. i think this is going to make our wash routine so much easier. next on my list: a diaper sprayer. then, i will feel like our collection of cloth diapering essentials is complete!

river in his bummis super bright wrap.

seriously, who knew diapers could be so much fun?


  1. LOVE the pics! River is such a sweetie & a wonderful little model for those diapers!

  2. hey. i love love love your blog. you and your son are the cutest mom and baby ever:X

    we also use cloth diapers. prefolds and flats with bummis super brite covers. but only during the day. at night we still use disposable :( because our bummis prefolds fail at night. do you have some tips on what to use at night. if you do, please share. lots of kisses.

    Amy and baby Vic

  3. amy and baby vic, :)
    thanks so much!!

    when we first started CDing, we had to do disposables at night as well. over time, i've gotten better at making sure prefolds are put on correctly and that they are tucked in right. there could be a few reasons yours aren't working at night.

    they could have build-up, which is causing them to repel. if this is the case, you can strip them.

    try experimenting with new covers. my friend jessica makes polyester fleece soakers, you can contact her here if you want to purchase one: www.soakersbyjess.blogspot.com. maybe get a size or two up, and put them over your cover.

    also, try not to dry your covers in the dryer too often, which can cause the PUL to wear. hang them to dry as often as you can.

    and last but not least, your best bet is to try a liner, or doubling up on your prefold.

    hope some of that helps!

  4. lovely photos as usual :)
    we use the exact same diapering system as you, down to the Bummi's wrap with green polka dots. We use disposables at night--so far they're the only ones that are absorbent enough and don't give diaper rash.

  5. hey whitney...me again. thanks for your answer. maybe i should double up. prefolds are ok so far, i'm sure they don't have build up (yet) and we always dry covers (and the prefolds) in the sun or inside the house (if it rains).
    our little boy pees a lot. when i change his disposable in the morning it is soooo heavy :)).
    maybe we'll stay on disposable until he pees less in the night, and just then...switch to cloth.
    i love cloth diapers sooo much, and i realy wanted to use them at night too. but hey...what you gonna do? :P


    Amy...and baby Vic of course

  6. Love the pics and we LOVE cloth diapers too!

  7. I spy Thirsties blackbird & meadow covers. Two my faves. I love the shots of your cloth. I, too, am very much smitten with the fluff.

  8. am currently expecting baby #2 and saw one of your cloth diapering vids on youtube.. was looking for reviews of the thristies duo tonight and you popped up again. am so glad i came by your blog! we didn't cloth diaper our first, but i am now completely obsessed and excited about cloth diapering. we dont have a washer and dryer, so we'll have to take ours downstairs for washing - yuck. but it seems like it will be well worth the hassle.

  9. missy, i'm so glad you found my blog! it will be all worth it. we currently have to take ours to a laundromat, and believe me, i am dying for my own washer. but all things considered, it is worth the hassle. plus there is this really nice coffee shop right next the laundromat we use, and it's a great excuse to relax with a book and a cup of coffee for an hour. aaaah. :)



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