a boy and his first ball

we got a new lens. the one we use for nearly everything finally crapped out on us -- after six, long, great years. my new lens has been serving me well. we are getting adjusted to one another. i am learning to fall in love all over again. and since i went nearly a week without being able to take any photos that truly satisfied me and my thirst to create good pictures, i have been a little camera happy.

in other news, river has a ball. river already had a football, but that so doesn't count. he needed a real, round, bouncy and deliciously colorful ball ball. and it's orange. i have been lovin' orange lately.

and i can tell you this: no toy yet has made 
him smile like his orange bouncy ball does.

at this point, i was going, 
"river, mira! play with your ball, river! river, it's a ball. BALL!"


the attention of an eleven-month-old can 
only be held by a single object for so long.

that's nice mom, but... places to go, people to see.

[and, he has on one of his new, adorable diaper covers, 
which i will be blogging about soon!]

and speaking of my lately-love of orange, looky what i got river for his birthday, with some gift cards we received last christmas! it's totally adorable, and i'm pretty sure i'm going to be enjoying it a little more than river will, at least for a while. ;)

p'kolino book buggee
but we got it for almost half the price at toys r us.

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