i cut all of it off. i needed something new. you know?

since it's been about a month since i dreaded my hair, and my hair was pretty long [um, and i never brush it], those three seemingly innocent dreadlocks that i didn't comb out started eating my hair. one morning i realized i had a big tangle of hair in that back that had locked with two of the dreads that were close together. i managed to get it undone with some yanking and brushing and even some cutting, but since then, it had been difficult to keep the dreads from chomping on my lose hairs. so i decided that dreads are just not supposed to be in the picture right now. they will be someday... just not now.

so i decided to cut my hair. i would have anyway. it's been over a year and i had horrible split ends. i mean, the kind that you can take between your finger nails and ever-so-carefully split down the middle. it was great entertainment. and because it had gotten so thin, it was just not pretty anymore, and i always wore it up. always. every. single. day. 

i thought i could get it cut in a stacked bob -- i love stacked bobs. i've never seen a woman that doesn't look sexy with a stacked bob and swept bangs. so chic and classy. i had one two years ago, when john and i got engaged, and loved it, so i thought it'd be nice to have one again. but that's been done before. my hair has been a stacked bob before. and my hair was begging to be something else. 

referring back to some pictures of a friend of mine who cut her hair super short during the winter, i decided that's what i needed to do. she looked so great with short hair. it was totally eye-catching and adorable, because i'd only ever known her with long hair. and that's just what i needed, something risky and different and fun, and something i wouldn't have to spend time on. 

my friend amy came over last night and cut it. she is the one who cut my hair in a stacked bob, and between then and now i had my hair cut twice, and i did not like it. she is the only one who has ever cut my hair the way i like it. she looked at a couple pictures i'd picked out and went straight to work, not looking back at the photos again. i didn't see it until she was done, but let me tell you -- i loved it. i swear, she's got magical hands or something.

the first time i washed it was a trip. when i get my hair cut, i love that my head feels so much lighter when it's wet, that i can use less shampoo, that it dries so quickly. and it always freaks me out when i rinse out the soap and there's less hair to ring out behind me -- only this time, there was nothing to grab onto. i love it.  i keep staring at it in the mirror and washing it and raking my fingers through it in the back and feeling how short it is - so weird! it's like a new boyfriend. 

[sigh] and now i'm feeling totally weird because i just dedicated an entire to post to my hair. 

by the way, if any of you need proof that i needed 
to do something with my hair, here it is:

oh good lord.


  1. LOVE that photo. Too awesome. Your hair cracks me up, but it's your face. So excited to be a mommy :)

  2. It is so darling! I love it!

  3. Hi, I just wanted to let you know I have never commented before, but I commented once on your youtube. I went back once and read all your pregnancy posts, so sweet. I found your blog by your youtube channel which I found when looking for motherhood information. I just want you to know that you have a great blog, clear, well said and organized, beautiful, touching, informative, and very sweet. I can't wait to be a mom like you. Thanks for sharing summaries of all the things you've learned about how you like to mother. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures. And your love.

  4. congrats on your big change! you look lovely in your new cut.

  5. You look beautiful now -- and beautiful with it long... So glad you are happy with it, too -- that's what matters the most.

    I'm getting mine cut before the next meeting... you've given me the confidence to do it -- and I'm gonna do the locks of love thing, too... so it will feel extra good. :)

  6. thanks everyone! erin, i bet you look gorgeous, i can't wait to see your hair!

    lunablue - thank you so much for your kind words. you truly made my day! i am so happy to know you are enjoying my blog. :)



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