my diaper stash right now

i'm sort of nit-picky about things. and i'm often afraid to try something new. and when i get into something, i really get into it. so when i first started cloth diapering, i just wanted a manual on how to do it perfectly and flawlessly and easily. unfortunately, no such manual exists.

one of the many questions i had was how do i know how many diapers, covers, and wipes do i need? while i still don't know exactly how many someone truly needs [and everyone's needs are different] here's what is in my stash right now, and so far so good! keep in mind we started cloth diapering when river was 3 months old, so we didn't go through the new-born diaper stage in cloth.

11 infant prefolds for lining gDiapers
12 large gPants
20 gLiners
12 medium green mountain prefolds
6 medium second-hand prefolds
6 PUL covers

i have no idea how long this will last us, but so far so good. i would like to have a couple extra covers for extra-poopy days, but that's more of a want than a need.

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