happy little things

you know, trying to write a post about the past two months really puts into perspective all i have to thankful for. they haven't been without their own struggles and stressful events, but life has really been fun, so it doesn't matter. i don't think i would be able to eloquently and creatively share the simple things that have made life beautiful and eventful recently, so i will say this: 

hectic airports. family that is too far. little sisters. a roadtrip. a beautiful birth. a favorite concert. creating. sewing. organizing. rearranging furniture. simplifying. art events. late night tea with friends. amazing food. wine. new faces. a sweet wedding. and a camera.

i will be back to regular blogging now, (i promise me).

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  1. Gorgeous!!!! Love those pics - you did an awesome job! The joy on her face still makes me cry, and it reminds me of you when you had River :-)



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