8th week of resolutions

start running: fail. i still plan on starting when it gets warm. i probably won't though. just sayin'.
draw a new face each week: complete and utter fail. i drew half a face at the beginning of january. i don't plan on carrying this goal out. sticking to the tradition of not sticking to my new year's resolutions! ;)
take at least one good photograph a day: success. it may not be one picture a day, but so far we're at least 100 pictures a month. which sounds good to me.
finish thirty books by the end of the year: eh? i have read four books. i should be on book number six, but so far, four is okay. i'm currently reading two that i should have finished in february. i will try to finish them by the end of this week, and catch up. i am still very excited about this goal, as i plan on enjoying reading many delicious books this year.

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