river's nursery

river's nursery wasn't complete until he was about three months old. you should have seen the room when i was pregnant. it was a disaster. i'm serious. i called it our giant closet - it was packed with things without a place. and not just in a corner of the room. literally, the whole. room.

after river was born, i spent time getting rid of all the "stuff" we had, and attempting to organize the rest. tons of junk: lamp shades, furniture, cards and letters, stuffed animals, even baby girl clothes (because i was convinced he was a girl). you name it, we had it. so finally, i was able to call the room officially river's about three months ago. it is my favorite room to be in. it gets the most sunlight, throughout the entire day. it's bright, white, and happy. we were able to create his nursery with mostly second-hand furniture - waste not, want not! :) there are still a couple things i want to do, but for the most part, it's complete.

i just had to take pictures yesterday morning, because the sun was pouring in. since i'm not usually up at the ungodly hour of, ahem, 7:00 am, it kind of surprised me. notice our ghetto one-armed rocking chair. it was getting thrown away, but we saved it. uh, i have plans of ... well, somehow making it look nicer. but until then, it's just there, and it's convenient for breastfeeding.

river's crib that one of our friends from church gave us. she works at a daycare, which was getting rid of it. if she hadn't offered it to us, we probably wouldn't even have a crib! river co-sleeps most of the time, but for naps, and at night when he's having a hard time settling in our bed, he sleeps in his crib. the fabric for the quilt hanging on the crib totaled about $20.

his crib friends, and colorful pillows. the yellow one was a pillow i made a few years ago for my bed. the others were just old pillows i recovered. my little sister embroidered the smaller elephant on the red pillow, which makes it extra-special. 

the giant R ($2 - and that i still have to paint), the prints ($15), and the embroidery hoops ($4).

the changing table that we found on craigslist for $20! hardly used, very sturdy and in near perfect condition.

the chair was john's, handed down from a family member. i wish i had taken a before picture. it was not very pretty, so we painted it and reupholstered the cushion, and now it's good as new.

another old pillow i recovered. after i embroidered "sail away" on it, john pointed out that it's the title of an enya song. dang it. now that bugs me.

an old, chipped, light yellow dresser probably from the 30s, that my parents found at a garage sale years ago, with the intentions of painting. but i like how it looks. the book of fairy tales was my mom's when she was little. the frame holds a picture of john when he was a baby. 

another garage-sale find. i love it. it was $free. :)

this bookcase was my grandmother's - it held towels in her bathroom.

now it holds toys! on the left, john's old dr. suess books. on the right, my grandma's "breast cancer bear" that a friend gave her during her fight with breast cancer - underneath the scarf is a ribbon tied around its neck, with all her little pink ribbon pins - and my uncle's fisher price school house from when he was a kid.

yay! because most everything was given to us or something we already had, we spent just about $60 total for the entire room. an easy way to be creative, save money, refuse to be sucked into our culture of consumerism, and live green, all at the same time! don't you just love vintage and second-hand?!?! 

when i was done taking pictures, i noticed river had pulled up and was emptying out his changing table. oh the things a baby can do when he discovers he can sit, crawl, and pull up - all within one week!

the face of innocence?

diapers? hmm..


 i'm fine naked, thanks.


my favorite way of doing diapers lately - gDiaper covers with an infant prefold as a liner (both, also second-hand!). it's quick and easy, which is a must with a kid who is as squirmy as river. that is one cute diapered bum.


  1. Whitney! That is such a nice nursery!!!! I can't believe how much River looks like you! :) He is so cute. I also can't believe he is already crawling! It doesn't seem that long from this end :)

  2. I've already told you this, but I love the room! <3

    That Fisher-Price schoolhouse was originally mine! I spent hours playing with that thing...even had a FP school bus...along with the FP house. I wonder what happened to that? Uncle Kevin had the FP garage, airport and village...we used to put them all together, along with our dozens of "little people" and play with them. Good memories!

  3. Wit, I can't resist, the pics of River munching on his diapers just makes me think of SNL's "Chewable Pampers" spoof commercial...google it...hehe

  4. I'm so glad you like the gdiapers! They seem to fit him well too! Yay!

  5. evelyn - thank you!

    mom - i've seen it, it's hilarious.

    jess - i DO. i really like them. thank you sooo much!

  6. I love your nursery. Thanks for sharing.

  7. oh, i also wanted to point out... the gdiapers are actually supposed to be worn the other way around. the g goes in the back. i didnt know that for the first few months, but i dont see why it matters which way it's worn. lol

  8. oh yeah, thanks, i know... i just didn't like them that way so i put it on backward. haha! :D we've been doing them the right way now though, they seem to fit better like that.

  9. river's nursery is just lovely. so carefully created with hand-selected, special items. i love it.

  10. Adorable! Just came across your blog from over @ Chic & Cheap Nursery...

  11. thanks lish! we've moved since and are excited to create a new nursery, this time for two! :)



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