hello, perfect day

when i was fifteen we lived in tampa, florida. people told us tampa had unpredictable weather. um, no. you want unpredictable, come on over here. after many cold, gray, wet days, sunday was gorgeous. windy sunny warm gorgeous. take you shoes off and stick your feet out the car window gorgeous. 

we were driving out to the country. the windows were down as far as they could go, it was bright and sunny in the car on the way to visit river's grandma. the wind whipped little wisps of river's hair - so funny!

river's first encounter with nature. crawling around grabbing handfuls of dirt and leaves, trying to eat flowers. the colors, the smells, the textures! this kid loves being outside. when we go on walks, sometimes we'll just sit at the bottom of the stairs outside for a while before we leave. me on the step and he in his stroller. and he's fine and content. just sitting there. in nature, in the sun. most babies like being outside. it's so interesting - i have this theory that when you're in nature, you're as close to God as you can get. you're in this environment, this beauty, that is out of our control. something that is there, alive, well - that we had to nothing to do with - it is what it is. how it is, is how it is. it's how he intended things to be. being in nature is so good for people, it changes people. that's why it breaks my heart that this beautiful earth is in the state it is today. 

river's first time on a swing. he loved it. of course.

this is the face river made when he tried to stick the flowers in his mouth. i'm so glad i caught it on camera.

there was no point to put a blanket down. he had no intention of staying there, and even the funny feeling of the sticks and leaves didn't keep him in one place.



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