there are two new beautiful and noisy members of our family. i have had a bird cage for the past two years, just sitting and waiting to be a home to a couple of birds. i was completely surprised when john very randomly bought me two birds one night. i love them. they are easy, sweet, and clean, minus all the bird seed they kick out of the cage. and their "noise" is not loud, and it keeps me company throughout the day. they have only escaped once. i'm hoping this isn't a new habit of which they are fond. i was not fond of running around the apartment for thirty minutes trying to catch them.

scout, the mama bird, at the entrance of her nest (that john spent two hours making the other night. it is a very nice nest). she posed quite sweetly for pictures. i think she rather enjoyed it. atticus, however, is a bit of a spas. this is the only good picture i got of him:

they have laid four eggs. well, seven - but the first three were cracked when river knocked over the cage. oh yes, did i mention that's how they escaped? he seemed quite pleased with himself. zebra finches lay an egg a day for about a week, but poor scout was completely shocked when a hurricane named river came through and killed her children, that she (in john's words) had a miscarriage and stopped laying eggs for about a week (call me evil, but i'm laughing as i type this). once she recovered, she and atticus spent many days and nights, ahem, "getting it on", and a few days ago, she resumed her egg-laying, and we now have another four nice little eggs. we'll see if they fertile, and if they are, then i guess we'll have some little chicks to send back to the pet store. or, we could have some tiny omelettes. 

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