to the dog park

a day in pictures #4 [okay, it's really #3, but i allow me to be a tad bit OCD - it is going to bother me that on day #4 of the new year, i am on day #3 of taking pictures. so, just pretend it's day #4.]

i think i may have been more excited than colby about our first trip ever to a dog park. we went with our friends mitch and cassidy and their puppy-son theo. i think this is the most exercise this poor dog has ever gotten in his life. he was beat by the time we left.

afterwards we went to starbucks, where we all got a treat, including the riverboy.

[river and i "representing" for nursing in public. this and the one below of mitch and cassidy were taken by my hubby john.]

[starting young.]

god has chosen cassidy and mitch to do mission work in africa. they are some of my favorite people and i am so happy for them. they will be there for three months. please pray for them, and the lives they get to minister to while they are there. here is their blog: http://www.thefountofblessings.blogspot.com/

[ i like my life in photographs. it's my poetry when i can't write. ]

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