we have a teething baby in the house! he is quite the calm teether - we've only had a few break downs. sometimes he cries when he wakes up, which just breaks my heart, because he's usually so happy when he wakes up. and he gets this weird look on his face when his gums are really bothering him. it's the saddest thing! here's how we're dealing with teething, and some other ideas we haven't tried just yet:

filling his pacifier up with water and freezing it. river is still clumsy with his hands, and was constantly dropping his frozen teether (not to mention - who wants to hold a frozen, wet toy for a long time?), but freezing his paci works great. he loves to chew on it.

chewing on a frozen washcloth. my mom did this with her babies. it's a lot easier for him to hold a piece of fabric than a toy.

nursing. it's the cure for everything! we are doing demand-feeding (which i think is a funny name, because i think demand is kind of a harsh-sounding word), so we are not on any kind of schedule. whenever his little gums are bothering him, nursing really comforts him and helps him fall asleep.

hyland's teething gel. i would have gone with orajel, but this was recommended by mothering magazine (my favorite). it's uh-ma-zing. usually when he's fussy, his tummy is full, and he's not tired and his mouth just hurts, we use the gel and the effect is immediate!

frozen fruit. we haven't tried this, as we are holding off on introducing river to solids, but i've heard this works great for some babies. frozen banana chunks, especially. munchkin carries mesh bags with handles for food, called fresh food feeders. you can put whole, frozen foods in the bags, snap them shut, and give them to baby to chew on. we have them and i can't wait to use them someday.

amber necklaces. this sounds like an interesting solution to teething pain. i'm a bit skeptical, and i've done some research, trying to figure out if it is a myth or not - but mamas that use them swear by them! body heat releases oils from the amber that is absorbed in the skin and relieves all sorts of ailments, from arthritis to headaches. brittany has a great essay about it. this is something i really want to try.

wood teething ring. coolest thing ever. something else i want to try someday. some of them are flavored!

on another note - guess what you get when you don't wash laundry for three weeks? here's a hint.

[and after i took the picture, i realized there was still a basket i hadn't dumped out yet. i am going to have fun folding all these clothes tonight.]

auuund: john made me lunch before he went to work. this isn't as much of a pretty picture as it is a picture of very pretty food. :D


  1. Oh teething is so rotten! I hate it when it happens it is like someone flipped a switch :(. I have never heard of freezing the pacifer or freezing a washcloth! Those are great ideas, course some kids just don't take pacifers (which is hard) So glad River does :), and yeah command nursing I totally agree. :D Hope he is improved soon, sweet little guy!

  2. You forgot to mention brandy! Works like a charm!

    (You know I'm totally kidding!!! Oh, the things we have learned in the last 22 years...)

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