happy new year, and a fat dog

i am the queen of new years resolutions. and by that, i mean i am great at coming up with awesome goals, like working out, reading 100 books. you know. dumb stuff that i can never begin to accomplish. last new year i was so over being pregnant (two months of throwing up wasn't fun) that i think my only resolution was to have a baby. well, at least i can say i reached my goal.

this year, i am setting myself some goals. kind of seriously, kind of..not. but i shouldn't say that because i know if i do i will never actually do them. not that if i don't know that, they will. anyway. here they are.

draw one new face a week.

take at least one pretty picture a day.

start running. i have a new fat dog to keep me motivated - we both need to get in shape.

since i am not pregnant this year and things aren't as interesting because i'm not becoming the size of a whale or smelling things that aren't really there, i guess this is what i'll write about this time around.

speaking of fat dogs, meet river's bff. which leads me to pretty picture day #1 (unfortunately, i didn't get any pretty pictures on january 1st.)

colby is fat, hairy, and the most well-behaved dog i could have hoped for. he's 4 1/2 years old, beautiful and lovable. a little too lovable at times. and apparently, he's afraid of fire crackers and feels the need to hide his face under my arm when they go off, or go under the desk, or jump in my lap (he's not a small dog). and these aren't fire crackers going off next door. no, they must be a mile away.

river is going to be five months old in just a week. crazy? i think so. i remember there was this cute baby named gage at the daycare where i worked three years ago. river reminds me a lot of him, his looks and personality. he was in the tiny baby nursery, and then graduated to the older nursery. as every baby did. but for some reason, gage moving up made me kind of go "what? already?" i can remember when he was five months old and he was holding a bottle himself and pushing his chest off the ground and grabbing things and becoming such a ham (like river) and thinking it was insane how fast gage got so big. and i'm thinking the same thing with my little boy. i can't believe he's almost five months old.

five months old is like, a real baby.

[i swear he gets cuter every day.]



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