first week of resolutions

running: fail. i'm waiting until it warms up. excuse? maybe.

drawing: fail. kind of. i started, and then didn't finish. a blank page is intimidating.

photographs: success. i've only skipped two days. which is pretty good, going from not taking pictures at all.

reading: success. i read a million miles in a thousand years, which is absolutely amazing. i laughed, i cried, i snotted all over the place. i closed my eyes to smell the campfire and the atlantic ocean as he biked across america, but all i smelled was my bowl of green beans sitting on the coffee table. donald miller at his best. blue like jazz was my favorite by him, but this may top it.


  1. it was so good. i think about & encounter & create & being & end & fail stories all life long.
    i loved the parts about the goff family.

  2. lizzie me TOO! they seem like someone i'd like to know. it was a beautiful book.



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