colby meets chief

it is interesting that what i needed to motivate myself to write more was to take pictures.

today we went for a walk, for some picture inspiration. i have been bugging john to go for a walk with me since i was pregnant. it took getting a dog for him to agree. [sometimes i think he likes colby more than i do.] so we walked over to our friend philip's house to introduce colby to philip's dog chief.

chief got a little too excited, so they had to get to know each other with a fence between them. colby doesn't like teenagers much anyway.

isn't chief a gorgeous dog?

river loves walks.

on another note, i'm adding a goal of reading 30 books this year. not so much a random number - a few years ago i read 20 and always wanted to challenge myself with that number. it may not seem like a lot, but i am a slow reader and have the the habit of stopping half way through a book and not picking it up again. don't ask me why. i also forget that when i read more, i tend to be more creative in life in general - my gears tend to move with me all day long and sometimes i'm bursting at the seams, wanting to put words down on paper, or my hand is itching to pick up a drawing pencil - i miss those feelings - and i have more dreams. as in, night-time dreams. interesting, huh?

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