the past few weeks have been very poopy. river has become the expert of blow-outs in this house, in just about every type of diaper, impressing us all with his skill. he has successfully mastered store-brand diapers, pampers, huggies, flat cloth diapers with and without a prefold soaker, as well as with both a thirsties duo wrap and a gerber diaper cover. he will be challenged in january, when i purchase diaper service-quality birdseye flats from littlelions.com - but i have no worries. we are both certain he will defeat these diapers, as well.

furthermore, river has graduated from onesies to big-boy t-shirts. we are hoping to salvage at least one outfit for him to wear in the winter that isn't soiled with yellow, liquidy, and quite spreadable, poop. he is looking forward to the summer, when he can once again, just be naked and won't have to worry about the messy consequences of his favorite past-time: pooping.

in the meantime, i have learned to put my embarrassment behind me when someone taking care of river has to change a major blow-out. will they think i never change his diapers, and they are just so full, that the only direction for the poop to go is - out? alas, pride does not look good on the face of motherhood. i will embrace the poop [quite literally, at times], as well as the fact that i have birthed very poopy child [there really is no going back], and will see this as a game of How to Contain River's Poop. what fun!


  1. I would hope that anyone caring for your little angel would understand that icky blow-outs are part of the deal. No need to be embarassed!

  2. Great job at making a messy situation fun...rejoice in the Lord ALWAYs... jajaja
    this is a perfect example...
    love reading your blog :)



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