my growing river

it has been so amazing watching river grow. so many people told me to cherish every moment because they change so fast - and they were right. it's been so much fun to write down all his little milestones. he made eye contact the day he was born. he lifted his head at one day old. he followed something with his eyes at two days old. he had his first bath at three days old. he slept through the night at two weeks and four days. smiled at three weeks. started "talking" at four weeks. laughed at eight weeks. rolled over from tummy to back at eleven weeks. started intentionally reaching for things at thirteen weeks. rolled from back to tummy at fourteen weeks.

i was watching videos of him when he was about a month old, and he looked so tiny and skinny and delicate (to me, anyway. he's always been a big boy. :), and now he just seems so chubby and rollie and just, different. he gets cuter every day, and his personality is wild! i could tell he was going to have a strong personality and it's turning out to be true. he talks like he knows what he's saying and he is so social. he loves to be around people, and he is such a wiggle worm - he has to be moving at all times, and he's so strong, too! and he is still such an easy baby. i'm a blessed mama.

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