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ahh, october! i am thrilled for fall this season. i think it's because i have a new man in my life that i share everything with. his first fall - his first halloween - his first pumpkin patch - his first costume... not that he cares about any of it, but i do! and the camera does! today, while he was fussing/grunting/crying, i thought of a great costume idea for him - a lion. i think it will be pretty easy to make, and his voice is so low and his cry is so throaty, it made me think of a little roaring lion. ha! i think he'll make a cute little lion cub.

we are spending halloween in pennsylvania with my family. i am so excited - i haven't had a seasonal halloween in years. here in san antonio, it just gets cloudy, chilly, and humid. in pennsylvania, it gets cold, crisp, and colorful. how wonderful. unfortunately, daddy won't be able to be with us for river's first halloween, but we are definitely doing autumn-type things with him before we go to pittsburgh (or at least, when we come back).

river has been changing so much. it's been tons of fun watching him go from a quiet, sleepy newborn to a rambunctious, active 2-month-old. he is definitely out of the newborn stage! i know he's still tiny, but he is one lively baby. sociable and smiley, and very, very active. he has been more content with being put down (but of course, still prefers to be held) and is starting to enjoy looking at his toys hanging down and trying to bat them with his little fists. i love watching him discover his world. he knows mama and daddy's voices, that's for sure. and he stops fussing when i come near him - he knows he's going to be rescued! i can't wait for the day those little arms reach for me.

the things river loves:
- standing (whenever someone is holding him, all he wants to do is use those little leg muscles. i love his wrinkly knees and dimply thighs.)
- bouncing (stepping reflex! sometimes he gets so excited when he bounces that he smiles and squeaks and seems like he just wants to laugh out loud.)
- outside (he becomes strangely content outside. the world is so much bigger and brighter outdoors.)
- his lights and music toy (given by wanda longoria. he just stares at it. it's his diaper-changing toy.)
- his swing (the one place where he is almost always content to be.)
- baths (they're like a drug!)
- being carried (of course. but don't you dare try to cuddle him. he's too cool for cuddling.)
- nursing (he is still nursing very frequently, and just as sporadically. two hour gap here, thirty minute gap there, and snack here, a meal there. he would eat all day if i let him.)
- car rides (he hates being buckled in his carseat, but once the car's moving, he is as happy as can be.)
- walks (i love how he looks around, like he's trying to take in everything, while we are on walks.)
- cooing (his first word was "gluh." his favorite word is "ah-guh." yeah, he has a pretty sophisticated vocabulary.)
- staring at lights (he's like a racoon. give him anything shiny.)
- lauryn hill (he quiets for the song zion. it's our favorite to dance to.)
- copeland (puts him to sleep and keeps him asleep.)

we are still working on baby-wearing. i haven't gotten too many chances to try it out, but i'm starting to take walks again and he loves being outdoors, so it's a good excuse to try it out. john and i photographed a wedding last weekend, and he hung out in the sling for a good two hours - sleeping the entire time. i made a pouch type sling, but i want to make an adjustable ring sling. i just have to go looking for the rings.

the pattern is one i got online, so i think i after i make a few more (just for the heck of it) i'm going to make the design my own and try my hand at selling them on etsy. i have this dream in the back of my head that i will be a successful etsy-seller. we will see. i just recently purchased this book off of amazon.com, and i can't wait for it to arrive:

i love it. cute, cute designs and ideas, and it would easy to make them your own. (what also makes me excited is that her childrens' names are ezra and adelaide. can you say adorable? you can always judge a person by their shoes, and the names of their children. we have friends that had a baby a week after river, and his name is ezra. it's my new favorite.)

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  1. river's list of favourites was so fun to read. he has music preferences already. ahhhh. you are such an observer and a charming writer. it's ridiculous how giddy your crafty talk makes me. that book looks lovely. i start too many projects at once and rarely complete them. :(



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