green is the color of the day

i finally made us some green smoothies! i have never before been more excited to go to HEB and buy two big cartons of spinach. it was delish - i wasn't afraid of it until i was actually making it, and then i thought, um... can i really down this? but we could hardly taste the spinach at all. tomorrow john wants one that has honey and yogurt, so we'll give that a try.

...took some pictures of my sweet boy, on the quilt i started months ago for him, before he was born, and finally finished. it's about time it became an actual quilt. (i am always so happy to finish one project, and then i just want to start on another. i really, really want to make some baby booties and pants for river out of an old sweater. sweater baby clothes are the cutest.)

...found an online store that sells sling rings! oh, i am SO excited. i made myself a pouch sling that isn't adjustable, and i have been wanting a ring sling for so long, but they are so expensive. so i bought two pairs of rings, and now i just have to find some pretty fabric to make myself a sling. i can't wait to get started.

...and shot a wedding in seguin! the bride was beautifu, the people were so friendly, and the food ranked number three on our best wedding food list. this picture has nothing to do with the wedding, really, but john shot it and i just love it.

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  1. adore adore the colours & patterns in your quilt, but most of all river's intense eyes & chubby limbs. i read somewhere on facebook that you opened an etsy! eeekkk! you're doing this. i've been so absorbed in the handmade culture online but haven't the guts to jump into it myself. and, for the record, i think it is so spiffy that you & john shoot weddings together. sometimes with baby. the experiences he has had already at two months! wow! husband/wife art teams are always that much cooler than solo photographers. :)



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