quincy the octopus

about two years ago john and i decided to make a stuffed animal. thus quincy was born, out of about 6 hours of labor (the sewing kind, that is.) this august when my family came to visit river after he was born, my sister fell in love with quincy, and so i told her i would make her her very own octopus - and then quincy's little brother leo was born.

now, after making leo, i have this excitement and urge to start making more home-made things, like stuffed animals. but it doesn't stop there. all of a sudden, i want to make clothes for river, and learn how to knit, and sew cute bags and what-not. anything you can think of. heck i would even learn wood-work if i could. i want to go to joanne's and buy discount fabric and goodwill to buy sweaters that will turn into owls and dogs. oh, i am so excited. expect there to be many photos of sad-looking little stuffed animals with lazy smiles and threads sticking out everywhere and limbs attached loosely. hooray!

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