growing, growing, growing

It really is amazing watching him grow. Three weeks ago he could have cared less about his toys hanging down from his mobile, or the music they made when we pulled them. And now I’m watching him stare at his toys and quiet down when they light up and make music. Two weeks ago his little booties that my friend Natalie bought him fell off his tiny feet. I just remembered them today, and thought we’d give them another try, and now they are too tight. He’s wearing a size 6 month onesie right now, and the little newborn-size outfit his Aunt Rosy bought him won’t even snap at the bottom (not to mention, this was another favorite of mine. Dangit.) He’s been in this world for almost an entire month (this Monday, if you’re counting weeks, or this Thursday, if you’re going from the tenth of August to the tenth of September) and I’m pretty sure I can see him growing as I’m looking at him. Yup.

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