a better day

I feel so much more at ease today than yesterday. I seem to forget sometimes that those moody pregnancy hormones don’t just disappear with the baby bump. It was easy to laugh off my mood swings when I was pregnant, but now they feel so real when I don’t think there is an excuse behind them. They don’t come often at all -- I’ve had three crying sessions since he’s been born, and they are short lived.

I started writing a brief story of my labor with River (very, very brief, going into nearly zero detail) and remembering how well everything went. I truly believe that my giving in to labor and not fearing the had a lot to do with that, and I started thinking maybe I need to take that same approach with River when he has his high-need days. Not to be afraid, not to blame myself for his fussiness, and not to feel like I am not doing enough as a mommy.

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