It wasn't until I became pregnant that I truly believed I could eat vegetarian. This was because I have not craved meat whatsoever. During my first trimester, it tasted bad and made me feel sick. During my second trimester, it didn't make me sick anymore, and I ate it every once in a while, but I still found myself skipping the bar-b-q chicken to eat the potato salad, cole slaw and beans. Every time I visit a blog that encourages people to eat healthily and naturally (ahem, Happy Foody), it makes me want to throw out my store-bought bread, margarine, canned veggies, and hormone-injected meat. Alas, I will never succeed.

The thought of having to expand my nut-consumption in order to get the adequate protein intake doesn't sound fun. I've never been fond of nuts. And you can only eat so much cheese and milk.

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