gender sonogram

My precious baby, we've just found out... you're a BOY!

We scheduled an elective ultrasound for this afternoon. Right away, the technician said "Well, you're definitely having a boy, that's for sure," very nonchalantly. We weren't even expecting to hear it! We sat there kind of stunned (at first I thought he was joking, but duh, why would he be joking about that?) and then John asked, "Really? It's a boy?" The technician said, "Oh! You didn't know that? Did you even want to know?"

We both said, "Yes!"

It took a while for it to sink it. I was looking at my little boy! My precious little baby boy.

The ultrasound was worth every penny. We could have gotten a free 2D ultrasound after we got on Medicaid, but that might be another month or so, and by then, the baby might have been too squished to tell the gender. And the 3D ultrasound, definitely worth it! Much better than a 2D. We got the 2D ultrasound as well, but we paid an extra $35 for the 3D and I'm so glad we did. I got to look right in the face of my baby, chewing his umbilical cord, stretching his little hands, opening and closing his little mouth. It was amazing, and I cried.

The package we paid for came with a 2D and 3D/4D ultrasound, one black and white print and two color prints (like the ones above) and the images on a file CD. The technician started recording the ultrasound when he started, so when he finished he told us he would throw the DVD in for free! The DVD is such a great thing to have, I've watched it three times since bringing it home. I love watching every little movement. He was very active the entire time, and kept putting his hands and feet over his face.

John and I have pretty much settled on a name, but that will remain a secret until he arrives. At least now I can stop calling the poor thing a "she"!

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