baby hiccups and braxton hicks!

After weeks of no changes, finally, two new exciting events occuring in my pregnancy! Well, at least one.

I've said before that the baby's movements feel like a twitch or sporadic muscle spasms. I say sporadic, because muscle spasms or twitches "keep a beat" so to say, and the baby's movements are random, differ in strength, and happen all over. So, imagine that in your abdomen - that's exactly what they feel like. The past couple days, I have noticed tiny little movements that I figured at first were the baby's kicks, but then I noticed they happened one after another in a pattern, like someone tapping me slowly. I thought then that they might be actual muscle spasms, but they were so light and were happening right where the baby usually hangs out. After some thought, I realized - these are baby hiccups! I talked to my mom about it to confirm. How exciting - my baby's first hiccups.

The second, now, I'm not too sure about. I'm just reaching my 27th week (and my third trimester, hooray!) and I've read that Braxton Hicks contractions generally start happening around 25 weeks. About a week ago, I started noticing this feeling sort of like my stomach was being pulled down and I would get this strange sensation that almost felt like it was doing flip flops, like when you're on a roller coaster. When I felt my abdomen, my stomach would be rock hard. It's mildly uncomfortable and kind of annoying. I thought it was the baby doing the flip flops, and that she had just changed positions, but this week it's been happening a lot more, maybe two or three times a day. It dawned on me that these might be Braxton Hicks contractions, mainly because the hard feeling of my abdomen. I didn't have to do much searching on the internet before I came up with a woman describing pretty much the same thing on a message board, and asking if these were Braxton Hicks. Everyone who replied to her post said it sounded just like them.

Now I'm excited! It may seem silly to be so excited over some Braxton Hicks, but for me it's like a milestone. I'm that much closer to having my baby, finally! And the fact that she's giving me an entertaining show of hiccups - now that's cute. She's getting ready to make her appearance and I can't wait to hold her!

::edit:: I went back and realized I wrote the word "exciting" four times. Catch my mood? ;-)

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