finally... i don't feel pregnant!

I am no longer suffering from morning sickness or nausea. It is such a relief to be able to eat and enjoy food once again - I almost forgot what it was like. I have failed to keep up with my food diary but do not need to anymore for the sake of staying full. I do, however, need to keep up with how much water I'm getting down, and any supplements I'm taking, as according to my blood test results last month, I am anemic. My midwife instructed me to buy Blackstrap molasses and eat at least 2 tbs a day; she suggested making a hot tea out of it. I like molasses, but I'm not sure how big of a fan I'm going to be of molasses tea - and having to drink it every day.

Besides that, my protein is up and back to normal. I still have a slight aversion to bacon, beef, and now salads (who would have thought? I ate a lot of salad during my first trimester) but I get my protein in through eggs and nuts and such. Now that my appetite is back, it's really not hard at all. In fact, I'm waiting for that ravenous appetite to appear, the one most women say they experience in their second trimester. I think it peaked its head out this morning, when I planned on just eating a couple of scrambled eggs this morning, and finished them off with three pieces of butter-jelly-toast. (It would have been four, had hubby not stolen the last one.)

In other news, it has been exactly one month since I first felt our baby move. I really need to write more often, especially with all these changes; it'd be nice to record them right after they happened. Anyhow, on February 26th, I was lying on the couch watching TV with my legs over the back, and I felt a little roll way down deep, about four inches below my belly button. I had been trying to feel movement, but did not expect at all to feel anything for another three weeks or so (at the time, I was only 16 weeks and 5 days along), and had been expecting it to be less noticeable and higher in my abdomen. I'd read in more than one place that it felt like gas, but it feels nothing like gas - it feels exactly like a muscle spasm. It's really a funny feeling. I knew it was the baby right away. That was the only movement she made that night. The next day, I was sitting at the computer in hubby's office and she made her second appearance. This time, it was more than once and pretty strong, so I asked hubby to put his hand over my belly, and he was able to feel her too! Which was pretty incredible. It made the whole parenting thing that much more real.

Since then, she's been kicking, punching and rolling non-stop. At first, I felt her maybe twice a day, and now I feel her every hour. The other day, she was kicking my bladder and woke me up. It's the most beautiful thing, to think that this helpless, yet so amazingly complicated little body is inside me, growing, moving, swallowing, sucking her thumb, even making crying movements, and reacting to our touches whenever we want to feel her and start poking my stomach to wake her up. It's amazing to think this little person is with me wherever I go. It's amazing to think that my body is being used to protect her and help her development, that she is completely dependent upon me at this point in her life. I can't wait to meet our little one.

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